We really care...



We and our customers are beyond privileged to be able to enjoy traveling around this gorgeous planet of ours, and hopefully our products can help get us all out there exploring more of it. But before skipping around the globe together with our customers, our products do a fair bit of traveling just to get to our customers in the first place. We make every effort to ensure that the very first leg of our products' world journeys is as gentle on our beautiful earth as can be.

Therefore we are thrilled to use EcoEnclose's truly earth-friendly packaging to ship our products to you. EcoEnclose creates mind-blowing shipping materials that are made from 100% recycled post-consumer and post-industrial content. We consciously strive to create as minimal a shipping footprint as possible, and their recycled mailers are a big part of that. These bad boys are fully recyclable themselves, but before you do that please reuse your mailer at least once by taking advantage of the clever extra adhesive strip for sealing the envelope up again and sending some love back out into the world.

Thank you for helping us do our part to reduce waste in this brave new era of everything e-commerce...and please do check out EcoEnclose's products - they are doing amazing, inspiring, important work!



 We are very very very proud to support the below, and hope you will too. 

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