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Of course the folks who use Up & Away products are a jetsetting bunch. So we know our passport holders are going to be heading to some pretty amazing places!

Snap a pic of your passport holder in whatever corner of the world you are in and send (, instagram (@getupandaway), or tweet it to us (@upandawaytweets), and we will get it up on the site - with a photo credit, if you like - to inspire all your fellow intrepid travelers!

Passport Postcards - Shanghai, China

November 06, 2016 Up & Away

Husband went to Shanghai and since he couldn't bring me back any yumlicious soup dumplings or baozi (sniff!), I settled for a pretty rad new addition to the #passportpostcards.


Shanghai, China: Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower


Orange Passport Holder Shanghai Pearl Tower

Passport Postcards - Siena, Italy

November 03, 2016 Up & Away

In the thick of heavy duty busyness at work, so very happy to do a little #tbt reminiscing to our blissful summer trip to beautiful Italy. Oh to be back under that delicious Tuscan sun! 


Siena, Italy: Piazza del Campo


Blue Passport Holder Siena Italy

Passport Postcards - Toronto, Canada

October 06, 2016 Up & Away

O Canada! What's a trip to your ridiculously friendly shores without a stop (or 5) at one of these?!  Mmmmm. Sending a little #tbt love to @tracytong1 in honor of her most recent trip back to the motherland.


Toronto, Canada: Tim Horton's


Pink Passport Holder Toronto Tim Horton's

Passport Postcards - Taipei, Taiwan

September 20, 2016 Up & Away

3 days, 3 cities. Taipei, Hong Kong, and now en route to Singapore. So totally worth it to hang out with newlyweds #theyumpkins Asia-styles and see my darling roomie get her happily ever after. Wonderful!


Taipei, Taiwan: The Grand Hotel


Yellow Passport Holder Taipei The Grand Hotel

Passport Postcards - Singapore

September 01, 2016 Up & Away

Singapore Airlines, you have really upped your game! Let's get down to business.


Singapore: Up in the Sky


Orange Passport Holder SQ Flight Singapore