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Passport Postcards - Mt Everest Base Camp, Tibet

August 16, 2016 Up & Away

Taking a brief interlude from all the Italy gorgeousness to bring you a different flavor of magnificent today. How's about this view from the peak of all peaks?! Pretty spectacular. I'm so proud of this especially adventurous passport holder for crossing this off its bucket list :)


Tibet: Mt Everest Base Camp


Green Passport Holder Everest

Passport Postcards - Montalcino, Italy: Castello di Velona

August 06, 2016 Up & Away

I mean, come on!! Stunning views all around, and I mean all around. For hundreds of miles, in every direction. Tuscany, you're hogging all the pretty!


Montalcino, Italy: Castello di Velona


Yellow passport holder Italy

Passport Postcards - New York, NY, USA

July 16, 2016 Up & Away

Can't believe I haven't snapped a #passportpostcards in this very spot until now... Every trip to the big apple always seems too short, but this year we really were only able to breeze through the city for what felt like a NY minute bc we were rushing to Europe. As usual we have very clearly left our hearts with our nearest and dearest there.


New York, NY, USA: Grand Central Terminal


Up & Away passport holder in Manhattan

Passport Postcards - Philadelphia, PA, USA

July 11, 2016 Up & Away

We were lucky enough to be home in the states for Independence Day this year. And not only that, to get some time in Philly! So especially appropriate that for America's birthday we got to give the Liberty Bell a wink and a smile. Let freedom ring, nice and loud!


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA: Independence Mall

Up & Away passport holder in Philadelphia

Passport Postcards - Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan

June 10, 2016 Up & Away

A happy, hearty TGIF to all of you with a scene that absolutely screams zen serenity :) What an amazing view - brought to us from the land of the rising sun by one of our favorite architecture-loving jet setters. This hidden gem ryokan in Nagano looks like a dream escape to me right about now!


Karuizawa, Japan: Hoshinoya Resort

Up & Away passport holder Nagano Japan