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Passport Postcards - Heidelberg, Germany

June 01, 2016 Up & Away

Oh Deutschland, you are so lovely! Loving the history and the calming sounds of the church bells in Heidelberg. It's totally normal to buy Christmas ornaments in May, right? Because I did. Das ist gut!! :)


Heidelberg, Germany: Heidelberg Castle


Up & Away passport holder in Heidelberg Germany

Passport Postcards - Yazd, Iran

May 07, 2016 Up & Away

Getting ever more intrepid...this pic was taken by one of our favorite high flyers while carpet shopping in Isfahan and Yazd. You know, as you do. :) Amazing!!!


Yazd, Iran: Jame Mosque


Up & Away passport holder Iran

Passport Postcards - Anaheim, CA, USA: Disneyland

May 05, 2016 Up & Away

Forget the drab gray skies in I'm doing a little #tbt reminiscing to a month ago when we were basking in a ridiculous amount of sun at the happiest place on earth. The babies' first time here was both priceless and costless (well, free admission for them anyway - since they're still such tiny munchkins!). Nothing like the OG in the OC. 


Anaheim, CA, USA: Disneyland

Up & Away passport holder in Disneyland

Passport Postcards - Singapore

April 18, 2016 Up & Away

Feeling sporty today by association!! I'm currently here for a super speedy 30 hours, but can't take credit for this snap. The only training I've been involved with lately has been of the potty variety. And lord knows that's taxing enough! Iron woman @tracytong1, you inspire us!


Singapore: Singapore Triathlon


Up & Away Pink Singapore

Passport Postcards - Kashmir, India

April 04, 2016 Up & Away

And today we live vicariously through one of our most adventurous of jet setters, who takes high flying to a whole new level...heli-skiing anyone?!


Kashmir, India: Gulmarg Backcountry


Up & Away Purple Kashmir