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Passport Postcards - Dubai, U.A.E.

January 03, 2016 Up & Away

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing that your 2016 brings you tons of colorful travel and your fill of exotic flavors too. :)

Dubai, U.A.E.: Dubai Spice Market

Orange Up & Away

Passport Postcards - Mauritius

December 20, 2015 Up & Away

Blue Passport Holder Mauritius

Now that's just nuts. Mauritius you are crazy beautiful!!

Mauritius: Blue Bay Marine Park

Passport Postcards - Sichuan, China

November 22, 2015 Up & Away

So as it turns out, sometimes it's a good idea to go chasing waterfalls. Natural beauty in China isn't an oxymoron folks :)


Sichuan, China: Jiuzhaigou

Green passport holder Jiuzhaigou

Passport Postcards - Da Nang, Vietnam

November 09, 2015 Up & Away

And back to the beach we go, via high flyer @tracytong1  Anyone else big time looking forward to an upcoming sun and sand vacation?  I am I am!! 

Da Nang, Vietnam: Ocean Bliss

Up & Away Da Nang

Passport Postcards - Bruges, Belgium

November 08, 2015 Up & Away

Love that we get to be a part of so many awesome journeys. Here we are ticking yet another country off the list...charming charming Belgium!

Bruges, Belgium: St. Salvator's Cathedral

Up & Away multiple passport holder in Bruges